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Mix the music your church loves with your Word podcast and create your very own radio station. Broadcast in a 24/7 spin of church announcements, music, preaching, and more.

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Let’s talk about creating your streaming radio station for your church or office lobby


Roku Channel Services

Roku Channel

Own Your Roku Streaming TV Channel

ROKU Streaming TV

Need your own ROKU TV Channel? Well, it is possible, affordable, and you may already have everything you need. Your Roku channel should be a goal of your digital media outreach development strategy. A Roku channel allows you to stream your video content directly to their TV sets. It starts with a membership apk closed circuit audience but can grow into a public presentation of your church services.

What do I need?

Video, you need lots of video. Before the pandemic, it was difficult to locate local churches with a library of video content. No one could have predicted the practical use of recording their church services each week. Now that almost everyone is recording their services on Facebook, what do you do with the video? Let’s talk about your own Roku streaming TV channel, you may be surprised at just how easy it is now that you have the video content.


Our Podcast Services

Church Podcast
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Your church podcast may be the key to success. The most effective ways to get the Word out is an effective podcast. You need a platform that can be easily accessed from places like the google play, iTunes, or any podcast player.

What do I need?

If you have been recording your church services you are off to a good start. Your audio library used in conjunction with a great musical intro and exit, church announcements, can make all the difference when edited and places on a good podcast feed.

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Our radio and podcast streaming service receives your audio files in mp3 format and makes it available to the world on webpages, cell phones, computer downloads via RSS feeders

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